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    We can help you in purchasing your Factory. Just give us full details of type of Factory you are looking for. The surrounding Area, and Location details.

Interested Sellers may contact you with their Factory details.

  • More sellers will know about your factory requirement, So you get better purchasing options.
  • You can see Photos/ Images of your Factory before purchasing it.
  • You can Search any factory in any region.
  • No brokers, So you get more than what you expect.
  • Only when you are interested in a factory you can contact the seller and make a Search.
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    ( Sell your Factory Online. )
    Become FreeBulls Broker and earn 2.5% commission/sale
    • Sell more than "3" items (Land/House/Vehicle etc) to become Freebulls Broker.
    • We offer 50% revenue sharing. So you get 2.5% extra for each sale made by your offers.
    • If you are a Property Broker/ Land Dealer/ Real-Estate Consultant become our partner.
    • Just sell "3" properties and you will get 50% discount ~ 2.5% commission per sale.

  • Please Check, you specify your Price and Area requirements properly.
  • You have to pay all taxes needed in transactions.
  • Choose the best Factory that meets your requirements.
  • We will send you complete Address of your Factory including its Area/ Shape/ Size.
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